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Powerful, Scalable and Affordable Telecom Expense Management

CAAB Enterprise has been specially built for large muti-site installations. CAAB Enterprise can cater for very complex Telecom Expense Management implementations.


It includes the ability to collect usage records from your telephone system, import multiple electronic carrier bills for validation and allocation, Internet data billing with sophisticated quota management and the ability to manage inventory.

TSA Software Solutions have been developing the CAAB suite of products since 1993. Over this time we have acquired over 3000 customers and currently manage over 600 000 devices around Australasia.


Managed Services take away the need for organisations to produce reports and manage the overall Telecom Expense Management system.


From our data center we run a CAAB Enterprise implementation that caters for the voice, data and mobile expense management needs of our expanding client base.

CAAB XL is a flexible call accounting package. It is designed to interface with your telephone system to capture data on each call made within your telephone system. CAAB XL provides the essential information a businesss needs to control communication costs.


CAAB XL has support for hundreds of telephone systems from many vendors in multisite architectures inlcluding the latest Unified Communications systems.

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