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TSA Managed Services


TSA's Managed Service offering covers the areas of:


  • Call Accounting

  • Data Usage Billing

  • Mobiles Fleet Billing

  • Carrier Bill Importing

  • Preparation and Presentation of contracted reports and outputs


TSA's Managed Service offering is primarily designed to be maintained and operated by TSA "in-house" with the necessary outputs of the service provided under contractual SLA's to our clients and partners within their varying timeframe required.  The service offering can also be offered by TSA as a Business Partner Installation whereby the service is hosted by the Business Partner and operated by them on behalf of their clients.  Full Support and Training is offered by TSA to facilitate this mode of operation.



Polling/Data Collection/Monitoring

As an overview, TSA currently polls over 300 sites nationally for varying clients per day whereby we accept the responsibility for collecting site data and hence monitoring the status of all required collections.  This subsequently includes liaison with our Business Partners should faults or collection difficulties occur.


As part of our Service TSA is also able to supply, install and maintain the necessary polling infrastructure as part of any pricing model.



CDR/SMDR & TCP/IP data processing

Data collected from customer equipment is normalised and costed TSA’s CAAB Enterprise engine.


Processing of this data takes into account the following:


  • Customer Negotiated Rates

  • Network configuration

  • Internal Charging and On-Billing policies

  • Customer Inventory

  • Customer Business Structures



Fixed Line and Mobile Carrier Bill Processing

Processing of this data takes into account the following:


  • Normalising of Carrier Bills from multiple Carriers Soft Copy formats

  • Confirm charges have been applied/levied in accordance with Carrier contract

  • Validate that all charges correspond to Customer Service Inventory

  • Check for duplicate charging including across Invoices, Accounts and Carriers

  • Compare usage volumes with customer equipment CDR/SMDR records (Fixed Line only)

  • Dispute Identification and Tracking



Inventory Management

The following modes of Inventory Management are available:


  • Onsite Inventory Maintenance with upload to TSA for transaction processing

  • Web based User access to Inventory details

  • Synchronisation of Inventory with existing customer data sources


The Inventory Management and allocation system includes the following features:


  • Complete date effectively enabling historical (and future) recording of all movements and allocations

  • Complete Audit History of all changes to inventory

  • Ability to generate Corporate Directory details based on Inventory data.

  • Asset lifetime management including feature additions and removals

  • Internally generated rental charges for inventory, assets and features

  • Independent inventory allocation to Business Units, Charge codes, Invoicing points and Staff



Charge Allocation

Key features include:


  • Complete date based charge allocation based on date effective inventory allocation and ownership

  • Pro rata charge allocations based on customer business rules

  • User pays (extension level) allocation of Carrier charges by combining CDR/SMDR Call Details with Carrier supplied records

  • Allocation of charges to sub tenants for on-billing purposes including mark up where applicable

  • Custom Exports to downstream financial systems 


Reporting / Delivery

TSA’s Managed Service offering includes the generation of a range of business reports. These reports cover many functions including:


  • Cost Allocation

  • Resource utilization and planning

  • Exception reporting

  • Top ‘N’ reports

  • Asset reporting

  • GL and financial system exports

  •  Invoice Production


Due to the range of varying business models of our clients a number of standard and customised delivery methods are available:


  • PDF's

  • MS Excel


  • Web Portal

  • Hard copy

  • Other custom outputs



Pricing Models

The TSA In House Managed Service uses the following pricing model:


  • Extension Based Call Accounting
    price per end per month for a 12 month minimum contract with discounts applied for long term commitments.

  • Mobile Phones
    price per end per month for a 12 month minimum contract with discounts applied for long term commitments.

  • Fixed Line Carrier Services
    price per Carrier Channel per month for a 12 month minimum contract with discounts applied for long term commitments.

  • Internet Expense Management 
    price per IP Address per month for a 12 month minimum contract with discounts applied for long term commitments.



This service is performed at the Head Office of TSA Group in Brisbane. All internal infrastructures are supported by:


  • 24/7 Back Up Generator

  • Secure Building Access

  • Secure/Monitored Server/Poller room including Temperature controls

  • Multiple data links via Optus and Telstra

  • Multiple Voice Services via Optus and Telstra

  • All Servers and Workstations supported via UPS

  • The CAAB Enterprise Software used to perform this operation is wholly owned, developed and supported by TSA and thus not subject to external risks

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