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The Leaders in Technology Expense Management and Billing


Looking for a TEM Service or TEM Engine?  It’s not just about Telecom Expense Management anymore, it’s this and much more.  As organisations and integrators now handle an increasing number of specialist suppliers (whether for themselves or as provider of managed services for others), they need a robust and consistent way of understanding these expenses and billing/reporting on them throughout their organizational structures and hierarchies, all with one process, one service, one engine – CAAB Enterprise. Or simply take the part of the solution you need – CAAB is modular.


Think Fixed Voice, Mobility, Cloud, Data, Conferencing, Meeting rooms, Infrastructure, Desktop and Data Centre amongst others.


TSA Software is an Australian owned software development, sales and support company providing customizable and scalable TEM Solutions to the Australian and New Zealand Markets.


We also provide Call Accounting solutions to the Asia Pacific region throughout PNG, Fiji, and the Solomon Islands.


Established in 1993, we are the trusted, reliable partner for your TEM needs with the ability to provide solutions customized to the needs of your organisation.


Technology Expense Management (TEM) is a term used to define a business approach to managing (validation, allocation, reporting and cost recovery/billing) Technology expenses as either a Managed Service provided by TSA Software Managed Service Centre or by a customer/integrator internal team trained to operate the CAAB Enterprise engine.


CAAB Enterprise is a developed on standard Microsoft technology and is available to be installed on premise or can be accessed as a Managed Service. TSA Software is a Microsoft GOLD Partner. CAAB is Carrier and Vendor/Supplier agnostic giving clients the flexibility they need to centralize and automate TEM processes.


CAAB XL is a robust, stable and fully supported Call Accounting Package designed to meet the needs of Small  and Medium sized Business. Connecting to virtually any telephony system, CAAB XL will provide a rich source of reporting to SME’s across Australia and Asia Pacific.

1. Managed TEM Solutions

2. Onsite Deployments

3. Hosting & Cloud 

Helping you find the right CAAB solution.

With all of this combined functionality and a focus on automating and improving manual process you’re starting to see why many of Australia’s top enterprise and government clients have invested in the CAAB Suite of Products – CAAB Enterprise or CAAB XL.




TEM partner with a shared vision.

Carrier Invoice Processing The Carrier Invoice Processing Module provides the ability to import the invoices for fixed line carrier services from one or more carriers or bill formats. The carrier charges are allocated to the carrier service inventory which contains details about each registered service including the type of service, the indial ranges attached to the service and the accounts on which the service is billed.


Supplier Invoice Processing Whether your seeking to process Carrier Invoices or other Technology Supplier Invoices, CAAB Enterprise will allow you to allocate charges throughout your organisational hierarchies, apply custom rates and rules and produce fixed or interactive/trended reporting allowing you to gain visibility and control.


CAAB Enterprise security is based on the Microsoft SQL security model. Multiple user groups can be defined and users are assigned to a group and given a username and password. Alternatively users can be defined using the Microsoft integrated security model. Access to the system for individual users and groups can be restricted based on:

  • Functions to perform (including read vs update rights)

  • Business Units accessibility/visibility

  • Site accessibility/visibility


Think communication methods and devices - such as the Fixed Telephone Extensions, the Mobile Phone, the Internet and the Video Conferencing solution - reported via one application in an holistic way across your organisational hierarchy. CAAB provides you with the ability to cost these transactions and recover costs across your organisation. CAAB Enterprise also has the ability to import your electronic carrier bills and assist you to validate, allocate and report on these charges, as well as provide you with advanced telephony network traffic reporting and analysis.

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