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Unified Reporting


CAAB Unified Reporting has been developed to allow users to take advantage of the CAAB Enterprise database using a versatile and user-friendly web interface.


The Unified Reporting interface is simple and responsive.  Nearly all aspects of the interface can be clicked to explore your data.

Unified Reporting consists of 4 tabs:


  • My Charges

All users in the organisation can access My Charges to view details of inventory assigned directly to them.  Users can explore their own usage and see how their communications behaviour has changed over time.

  • Business Charges

Managers are granted access to the Business Charges tab.  View Staff and Business Units under your management, and see how their devices and usage affects the charges applied to the business.

  • Supplier Costs

The Communications Administrators will have access to a Supplier tab to track total costs incurred by the organisation across all suppliers.

  • Reporting

On the reporting tab Communications Administrators and Managers can run static reports on the data in CAAB Enterprise to produce adhoc reports.  Reports can be viewed directly in a web browser, exported to PDF or Excel spreadsheet, or emailed to another staff member.


For more information about Unified Reporting, please contact us.

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